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Item Code 3559

Title Let me Fall Again

Author Borissova, Julia

Signed By The Photographer


Condition: 0



Limited-edition of 239 signed and numbered copies. 145 x 200 mm, Handmade This is book a beautiful book and a must have for anyone looking to produce their own hand made books. The artist has used a variety of different folding techniques to display the images and carry the story. Let Me Fall Again is my reflection on the concept of falling through the story of one of the first balloonist Charles Leroux, who was born in America and died at the age 32 while performing a parachute jump in Tallinn. My intention was to create an imaginary journey in the footsteps of his performances. This book was born at the intersection of real story of this balloonist and my reflection about the concept of falling. In my book there are several additional inserts. I used the same principles as the origami art. Through origami the paper undergoes a continuing metamorphosis, one fold at a time. And it's a great challenge to bring one piece of paper into a new shape. Also for packing a parachute, precision is key to avoid a parachute jump in which the parachute fails to open. The edition is of 239 copies as Leroux made 239 jumps. See our other handmade books by Julia Borisova

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